Natural from the producer to the consumer

It is the land that asks us for it

For us, agriculture means a source of life,
tradition, pride and constant commitment to product excellence, the result of the deep bond with the land.

Even today our company keeps alive and unchanged this passion for work and the quality of the product, healthy, genuine and of the highest quality.

Our products are born from the desire to offer the consumer a context of naturalness and genuineness, respecting the very nature of rice, wheat, corn and cereals through non-invasive production methods.

The fine rice

There are many precautions to obtain superior quality rice and this is why we personally follow every aspect of processing, from sowing to packaging.
First of all, our rice comes from a single area, thus ensuring constant grain characteristics.
Our lands, located in the Ticino Park, have a particular grain size, so much so that a legend says they hide a layer of sand and silt from the Nile which gives a superior quality to the crops.
A fine rice also requires a choice of alternative cultivation techniques to chemistry. Here, before sowing, the paddy is husked so as to eliminate weeds in a natural way.
The husking of the rice grains is carried out exclusively with stone to keep the organoleptic qualities unaltered.
The selection of the grains at 0% breakage guarantees a higher yield and a gradual release of starches.
The long aging in temperate silos increases the ability of the beans to retain starches and absorb seasonings.
It is a combination of nature and man that makes our rice precious.

The quality of polenta flours

Our polenta flours are born from the research and selection of the best varieties of ancient, natural wheat and corn. The selection criterion was based exclusively on quality and not on yield. Our basic products for flour are Mais Marano and three other similar qualities of maize. These are small panicles, with a vitro and very hard seed, of poor yield, but of superior quality.
All our polenta flours are wholemeal or craved and ground with a stone mill. Our procedure makes the flour more nutritious, more digestible and more fragrant.
The traditional and consolidated artisan activity allows us to choose and transform the best raw materials, thanks to the experience gained both in the hammering of the stones and in the constant supervision of all stages of the transformation. Our polenta flours have the true and genuine flavor of the past.

The dough flours and artisanal products

The processing of our rice and cereals produces flour, beer and baked goods with intense flavors, high digestibility and excellent nutritional properties.
With us, all the processing and grinding stages are carried out in full compliance with the biological characteristics of the raw materials. This is how the integrity of natural ingredients is preserved and the digestibility of the various nutritional components is improved.
All Salera wholemeal flours for dough, as well as being ground in purity, are free of added additives. They are stone ground according to the characteristics of the individual cereals and processed in such a way as to leave all the nutritional principles unaltered.
Our traditional and consolidated artisan activity allows us to choose and transform the best raw materials. The experience gained in stone hammering and the constant and direct supervision of all stages of processing give our flours a recognized quality. From producer to consumer.